Wagon Fleet

VTG Rail UK's wagon fleet is divided into 3 Sectors for ease of reference.

The Bulk Fleet contains vehicles for the transportation of dry goods and finished products; The Tank Fleet includes specialist “dangerous goods” wagons used for the conveyance of a wide range of liquids; The Intermodal Fleet comprises a variety of platforms for the carriage of containerised goods and includes VTG’s new Ecofret wagon which is revolutionising the way maritime shipping containers are transported by rail in the UK.

Each fleet is designed to meet the specific requirements of every customer, with all wagons tailored to interface with loading and unloading points to enable the quickest possible flow of goods through distribution channels. VTG Rail UK's ability to purpose build or to modify rail freight vehicles as required is unsurpassed within the industry. Our flexible approach and rapid response to the needs of the customer makes us your first choice partner for all your freight vehicle requirements.