Innovations for the Future of Rail Freight – VTG at InnoTrans 2018

- VTG AG is represented multiple times at the upcoming InnoTrans

- The company will have various freight wagons, rail-based services and a research project into future freight transportation on display


Make rail digital, make rail easy”. Using innovative solutions and new technologies to make rail freight transport easier, better and more competitive against other modes of transport – that is VTG’s mission, and visitors to InnoTrans in Berlin have multiple opportunities to find out exactly what this means. Partially in cooperation with our partners, the company will be presenting rail cars, services and new technological developments to those in attendance. 

Researching “Innovative Rail Cars”
One of the most exciting projects in rail freight transportation is currently the research project supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure entitled “The Development and Testing of Innovative Rail Cars”, on which VTG is collaborating with Deutsche Bahn to make rail transportation quieter, more energy efficient and more economical. Four of the rail cars that were developed as part of this project and equipped with innovative components will be presented publicly in Berlin. These include a new style VTG tank car and a container car. 

VTG Workshop Services
In addition, the Waggonbau Graaff and Ateliers de Joigny workshops, which both belong to VTG, will also each have a stand and will present their comprehensive services in new rail car construction, repair and maintenance. Visitors to the Graaff stand can learn about telematics, the technical basis for digitalizing rail freight transportation. This VTG subsidiary will also have a stainless steel tank car and a black steel pressurized gas car on display, showing the modern fittings on it – in short, everything that will be part of the tank car of the future.   

VTG Rail Cars at Other Stands 
In addition, visitors can view VTG freight cars at many other locations on the grounds. The Inveho/Orval stand features one of our new Tamns rolling top rail cars. In conjunction with Innofreight, VTG is showcasing two double rail cars at the Tatravagónka stand: one 2x 30′ rail car with a SlurryTainer and CoilTainer, as well as a 90′ wood container car. The ARI/Greenbrier stand is showing a 103 m³, VTG pressurized gas wagon for transporting ammonia. In addition, Molionari Rail is displaying a 90′ container car that has a power supply for powering refrigeration units during transport.

All VTG Locations at a Glance: 
Innovative Freight Rail Cars: City Cube A Stand 203, outdoor area 11/415-417 & 8/410
Waggonbau Graaff: Hall 2.2, Stand 306 // outdoor area 4/103
Ateliers de Joigny: Hall 5.2, Stand 225
Inveho/Orval (Tamns wagons): outdoor area 4/104b
Tatravagónka (two double wagons): outdoor area 8/405 (90′) and 3/410 (60′)
ARI/Greenbrier (pressurized gas wagon): outdoor area 4/405
Molinari Rail (container car): outdoor area 5/415