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Wagon Maintenance

Minimise downtime and outages thanks to our maintenance experience as well as out tank container services.

Wagon maintenance

You want your wagons to be available for the maximum amount of time. After all, downtime for maintenance, overhaul, updates, or repairs costs time and money. We ensure your wagons get back to work as quickly as possible. To do so, we collaborate closely with an extensive network of maintenance and repair partners. They provide us and our customers with repair and maintenance services whenever and wherever they are needed, in full compliance with all relevant safety standards and with all quality assurances.

VTG Rail UK was the very first UK freight wagon hire company to be accredited with an Entities in Charge of maintenance certificate (EC). This allows us to independently decide the best and safest ways for our wagons to be maintained. We produce and continuously develop our own maintenance plans, implementation schedules, and finally, delivery via chosen contractors. The best available providers supply and maintain major components such as wheelsets, bogies, and brake equipment: They deliver them, as, when, and where required.

We work closely with specialist companies to keep the carriage of hazardous goods safe and compliant. They undertake RID and pressure vessel testing at mandated intervals, with our customers and their rail hauliers. We ensure this is carried out as quickly and smoothly as possible, at the most appropriate locations.

We are pioneers in the mileage-based maintenance of individual wagons. Real-time data can be collected via VTG Connect. We are introducing new systems that allow maintenance personnel to access wagon information online. This maximises availability, quality, and efficiency. We are also developing new systems such as remote wheelset monitoring and load sensing with our partners, which allows wagon maintenance to become even more proactive and less intrusive.

Tank container services

Via our wider VTG business, VTG Rail UK can help you source the right tank container for all your liquid goods. Our tank containers are ideal for use with different modes of transport in intermodal traffic, making your logistic planning more flexible. Our portfolio includes standard tank containers for liquid chemicals and petroleum products, those suitable for transporting compressed gases and temperature-controlled products, swap bodies for continental European traffic, and special containers for isocyanates. All tank containers can be fitted with extra equipment such as heating systems, insulation, and canopies.

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