New VTG tank wagons for BA delivered in “record time”

The first batch of VTG Rail UK’s new tank wagons for lease to British Airways have arrived in Britain from the Polish manufacturers in what the wagon lessor described as a ‘record time’.

Sales and marketing director Ian Shaw said: “The first wagons arrived at Wembley just 7 days after their departure from Greenbrier in Świdnica, south western Poland, a journey that can often take 6 to 8 weeks, and sometimes longer.

“As far as we are concerned, in our experience, this is the shortest transit time for new build wagons from eastern Europe to the UK.”

The journey across Europe was organised and carried out by the Germany-based Rail Logistics division of VTG Rail UK’s parent company VTG AG.

 “A big thank you,” said Ian, “to all of our group colleagues for their assistance in delivering this important new project, particularly Rail Logistics, who managed the transit of the wagons to the UK from Poland so efficiently.”

Looking at the wider picture, VTG MD Rob Brook said: “VTG is delighted to be doing business and to be working in close cooperation with BA and its supplier to ensure the flow of fuel into Heathrow airport. 

“We are pleased that BA has chosen to place its trust in VTG for this vital traffic and recognises the value of the package we are able to supply. Not just the wagons themselves but our overall ability to deliver in the long term. 

“We are confident that these wagons will provide reliable service for many years to come.”

The brand new wagons have been built to VTG’s state of the art design, which offers class leading payloads. They are fitted with track friendly, low noise bogies for quieter operation, offering reduced maintenance downtime and lower track access charges. 

The wagons, fully compliant with aviation regulations, will be bottom loaded at the refinery. They have a vapour recovery system fitted to eliminate any escape of vapours during loading.

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