Project m2: VTG and DB Cargo to develop a multifunctional and modular flat wagon for a wide range of customer needs

- Joint development of a new type of flat wagon as part of a project

- Modular design facilitates adaptation to a wide range of customer needs

- Wagon licensing planned for early 2021 – Independent marketing by VTG and DB Cargo


Working together for the rail freight transportation of the future: As part of the m2 project, VTG and DB Cargo are developing a multifunctional and modular flat wagon. The primary focus is on adaptability: By assembling the flat wagon from a variety of standardized components, it will be possible to choose individual lengths, bogies, wheelsets and braking configurations. The wagon will also remain extremely flexible throughout its lifecycle: A modular design will enable the structure of the flat wagon to be aligned with customers' current needs throughout its service life. In this way, the project partners plan to further enhance the performance and logistical capabilities of rail freight.

The m2 project marks a continuation of the already successful cooperation between VTG and DB Cargo. The two companies enjoyed close and trusting collaboration on an innovative freight wagon project sponsored by Germany's Federal Ministry of Transport and completed at the start of 2019. "We are now building on this positive experience," says Dr. Heiko Fischer, CEO of VTG AG. "We have seen in the past that we can only make rail more competitive with road if we pull together. The modular flat wagon we are developing in the project will further improve the offerings we provide to our customers and make rail more attractive."

"The modular flat wagon and its individual superstructures will enable us to respond even faster to the needs of our customers in the future. That in turn will make customers more satisfied with rail freight," says Dr. Roland Bosch, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of DB Cargo.

The aim is to have the new wagon licensed in 2021. VTG and DB Cargo will then market it independently.