The RWA and RSSB Innovation Day- the VTG iWagon's performance so far

The Rail Wagon Association and RSSB Innovation Day provides a platform for the first look at performance data from the VTG iWagon.

On Thursday 23rd November, Colin Denman and Nigel Day alongside Sanjay Albert of Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems (UK) Ltd. participated in the Rail Wagon Association & RSSB Innovation Day, presenting the latest on the VTG iWagon- this was the first update since the announcement of the VTG iWagon at the RFG Conference in October.

The event predominantly focused on addressing and mitigating the complications of locked wheels. The VTG iWagon combats these complications because of the capability of reacting to locked wheels due to the axle lock detection technology. Wheel Flat Prevention (WFP) also plays a significant role as it identifies a wheel slide within micro-seconds, subsequently activating the system to stop the slide to prevent wheel flat and maintain good wheel condition.

VTG Rail UK Managing Director, Colin Denman, said: “Digitisation allows us to prevent wheelset damage and axle locks in real time, ensuring multiple parties are given information quickly, allowing appropriate corrective action.” This innovative technology will help prevent derailments, making rail freight safer.