VTG Rail UK and Yellow Rail commemorate the overhaul and fitting of 1000 bogies

Since 2018, VTG Rail UK and Yellow Rail have partnered together on delivering bogies to our extensive fleet and can now proudly announce together we have achieved the overhaul and fitting of 1,000 bogies.

We have created dual-branded polos to commemorate this achievement, recognising this incredible effort from the two parties.

Mark Pumphrey, Asset Manager at VTG said: “The VTG-Yellow Rail working relationship commenced back in September 2018 and has grown significantly since then. Yellow Rail has demonstrated their capability to provide cost-effective, safety critical services to VTG and has done so across a number of different and complex bogie types.

“Having broken through the 1,000-bogie barrier in September, we fully expect to see bogie number 1,100 completed before the end of the year. This is a great performance from Yellow Rail in conjunction with VTG’s Service Delivery Team and our wagon maintainers who plan and carry out the exchanges respectively, thus ensuring that there’s a steady flow of dirty units being returned to Derby or overhaul”.

Andy Kevins, Managing Director of Yellow Rail added: “We are very proud of reaching this milestone with Europe’s No.1 wagon asset owner and for the opportunity VTG gave the company 5 years ago.”